• KE036- Fine Art Acrylic Plate

  • $780.00

  • Description

    Fine Art Acrylic Plate
    © 2011 Harald-M. Lehnardt
    Hawaiian History Collection
    available in: 16" x 23.5" ACP

    Fine Art Acrylic Plates are made of durable, ¼” thick clear acrylic material. The color reproduction Printed directly on acrylic substrate with a layer of white screen print on the back, vibrant color and crisp detail. Stainless stand-offs included in your order make mounting easy. Once installed, the acrylic piece will sit approximately 5/8” away from the wall. We recommend that you do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths on this substrate. You can use a soft cloth or feather duster.

    • Vibrant color and fine detail within the image
    • Stylish ‘matt satin’ stainless standoffs (spacers)
      for mounting (5/8” from the wall) included in order
    • Easy setup/hanging system
    • Delivered ready-to-hang with brackets
    • 9-Business days for processing + production

    1. ACP.1 16" x 23.5" - $780

  • KE036- Fine Art Acrylic Plate
  • KE036- Fine Art Acrylic Plate
  • KE036- Fine Art Acrylic Plate

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