• KE035 - Brushed Aluminum Plate

  • $780.00

  • Description

    Brushed Aluminum Plate
    © 2011 Harald-M. Lehnardt
    Hawaiian History Collection
    available in: 16" x 23.5" BAP

    Your selected image from the Kuliana Edition is printed on the face of a 1” deep brushed aluminum box, resulting in an edgy, stylish display of art. A coat of white ink is added to the aluminum surface with the artwork printed on top. This process truly takes the composition to the highest level in unique presentation. The ready-to-hang brackets on the back of the aluminum box are positioned vertically and horizontally to meet both image orientations to ensure easy wall mount. We recommend that you do not use chemicals, cleaners, or abrasive cloths on this substrate, but use a soft cloth or feather duster. Don't place artwork in direct sunlight.

    • 1" deep brushed aluminum box
    • Easy setup/hanging system
    • Delivered ready-to-hang with brackets
    • 9-Business days for processing + production

    1. BAP.1 16" x 23.5" - $780
      EBAP.1 16" x 23.5" - $860

      EBAP = Surface embellished version. Expressive, paint like appearance. ‘Protective Gel Coating’ with a semi-gloss finish brush stroke application. 


  • KE035 - Brushed Aluminum Plate
  • KE035 - Brushed Aluminum Plate
  • KE035 - Brushed Aluminum Plate

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