• KE025

  • $1,750.00

  • Description

    Epoxy Coated Metallic Artist Poof
    with Custom Stainless Steel Frame
    © 2011 Harald-M. Lehnardt
    Hawaiian History Collection
    available in: 14" x 17" ESSF

    Super high gloss (thick) 'epoxy-coated' metallic artist proof.
    This high tech/gloss and metallic appearance creates an exceptional visual interest; the metallic substrate uses a
    proprietary combination of film laminate layers that results
    in a striking, three-dimensional, lasting image on an ultra-bright 
    background. Mounted on a stretched canvas frame,
    then epoxy-coated. 

    Outside Frame: Custom Design, hand-made & polished Stainless Steel Frame with 1” spacers for separation of artwork and frame structure, ultra-modern and state of the art presentation.
    1.5” deep.

    • Metallic artist proof, film laminate, vibrant + stylish
    • Super high gloss epoxy top coat application
    • Custom-Made Hand Polished Stainless Steel Frame
    • 1” spacers separate artwork from frame structure 
    • 21- days for processing + custom production



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