L I M I T E D   E D I T I O N  (350)   

A beautiful and very elegant art presentation featuring hand-made and hand-polished 'Stainless Steel Frames"  in combination with 'Super-High-Gloss' (thick) 'Epoxy-Coated Metallic Artist Proof'. This high tech/gloss and metallic appearance creates an exceptional visual interest; the metallic substrate uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that results in a striking, three-dimensional, lasting image on an ultra-bright background. Mounted on a stretched canvas frame, then epoxy-coated. 

Outside Frame: Custom Design, hand-made & polished Stainless Steel Frame with 1” spacers for separation of artwork and frame structure, ultra-modern and state of the art presentation. 1.5” deep.  - A lot of work is applied to each piece; the result showcases an exceptional modern look and feel.

available in: 14" x 17" ESSF, 28" x 52" ESSF and 74" x 28" ESSF (Panoramic Vista's only)