Beautiful compositions of breathtaking panoramic landscapes.
Inspiring poetic text-and-image compositions that will transform your interior environment into a sanctuary of spiritual comfort 
and wellness. A collaboration of Harald-M. Lehnardt and Dan Merkel.

Emmy Award winning surf photography pioneer Dan Merkel is the most famous surf photographer in the world. He was the first photographer/cinematographer to shoot at legendary Banzai Pipeline on Oahu's North Shore. Dan "the Man Mountain" (nicknamed by Gerry Lopez) is responsible for some of the "Free Ride" era's most memorable images. His insatiable appetite for the best shot has had him on the go ever since. Big Wednesday, Endless Summer II and countless other films have benefited from Dan's keen eye and unwavering drive to be the best he can be. His images can be seen in most all major surf publications as well as industry advertising campaigns.

Today Dan Merkel has found a new love for shooting panoramic images and travels the world capturing the beauty thru his analog lens, capturing nature's most celebrated landscapes around the world. As an acclaimed panoramic artist, he continues his passion.

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