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    Epoxy Coated Metallic Artist Poof
    with Custom Stainless Steel Frame
    © 2011 Harald-M. Lehnardt
    Hawaiian Elements
    available in: 14" x 17" ESSF

    Super high gloss (thick) 'epoxy-coated' metallic artist proof.
    This high tech/gloss and metallic appearance creates an exceptional visual interest; the metallic substrate uses a
    proprietary combination of film laminate layers that results
    in a striking, three-dimensional, lasting image on an ultra-bright 
    background. Mounted on a stretched canvas frame,
    then epoxy-coated. 

    Outside Frame: Custom Design, hand-made & polished Stainless Steel Frame with 1” spacers for separation of artwork and frame structure, ultra-modern and state of the art presentation.
    1.5” deep.

    • Metallic artist proof, film laminate, vibrant + stylish
    • Super high gloss epoxy top coat application
    • Custom-Made Hand Polished Stainless Steel Frame
    • 1” spacers separate artwork from frame structure 
    • 21- days for processing + custom production


    Composition Info: The Manini, or Convict Tang are light, bright yellow with exactly six black bars resembling prison bars, hence the name Convict Tang. It is commonly found in shallow or deep waters (approximately 150 feet) surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. The front most bar runs directly through the eye that helps hide the eye and camouflage the fish. While these fish tend to swim in large schools, you can often find an individual Convict Tang feeding by itself off the reefs.


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